Join a Discussion Group

We have several lively discussion groups, and you’re welcome to join any of them!

The Sunday morning Book Discussion Group has been very popular for over ten years. The group meets at 11:30am every Sunday to explore the Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches’ books.

Introduction to Buddhism and Introduction to Meditation are once-a-month workshops designed to help people feel more at home in our Center. Please check the calendar for this month’s days and times.

Other offerings may include:

  • Heart Advice for Daily Living, an opportunity to help each other apply the Dharma to our lives.
  • Opening the Door to Tibetan Buddhism, exploring different aspects of our tradition.
  • History of Buddhism, tracing Buddhism through the centuries.


We also have special events, workshops, and other gatherings throughout the year, and sometimes our schedule changes to accommodate these or to take a summer break.

Please check our Local Events page to see what’s happening at the Center right now.