Practice Schedule

Here is a list of our regularly scheduled practices. There is no charge to participate. We do ask that you come about 30 minutes early if you’re new to a particular practice, so that you have a chance to ask any questions and get comfortable before the practice begins.

Please check the calendar page to make sure that a particular practice is being held on the day you’re interested in coming. Sometimes schedules change because of weather or overriding events such as group retreats.

We hope to see you soon!

Day of the Week Time Practice
Wednesdays at PBDC, Lake Worth 7:00 pm Heart Sutra
Sundays at PBDC, Lake Worth 10:00 am Calm Abiding Meditation
Sundays at PBDC, Lake Worth 11:30 am Book Discussion
Saturdays at Pema Ling Retreat Center, Jupiter Farms 10:00 am Heart Sutra